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Protection Treaty Empty Protection Treaty

Post by Thorin on Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:48 am

Section I. Information Sharing

United Purple Nations and Magister Mortalis agree to share information that pertains to the well-being of each other's alliance in Politics and War. This information will be shared with one another via a private and secure means.

Section II. Friendly Fire Clause

United Purple Nations and Magister Mortalis agree not to attack one another, and will handle any issues that crop up in a private and courteous manner.

Section III. Defense

In the event that Magister Mortalis comes under an attack unprovoked, United Purple Nations will provide immediate assistance in the form of Military, Financial and Political support to our fullest. Should the United Purple Nations come under attack, Magister Mortalis is encouraged but is not forced to provide assistance in any way it can provide.

Section IV. Termination Clause

In the event either party wishes to terminate this agreement, they are to give a 72 hours notice by private and courteous means.

Signed for the United Purple Nations,

Emmad - Primarch
Victor Truchev - Equerry/Reclusiarch
Pangui - Equerry/Warsmith
Finest - Chief Librarian
Aenir - Master of the Forge
Kelson - Chooser of the Slain
Jakeman4 - Lord Inquisitor

Signed for Magister Mortalis,

Thorin - Imperator/Exarch of Coin
Raycannon - Exarch of Communications
Waller - Exarch of Intramural
Sue - Exarch of Recruitment
MaxMartin - Exarch of War

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