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Post by Thorin on Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:11 am

The Black Documents


Magister Mortalis exists to provide a laid back easy going setting for members, but also to provide the member nations the economic support and the safety of a top alliance. Above all, Magister Mortalis exists to provide freedom to nations, the ability to rule as they see fit due to there being no requirements concerning building or maintaining militaries (unless in a state of war). The only rules in Magister Mortalis is that all members be respectful and honorable to any P&W nation/alliance.


Should a nation wish to join Magister Mortalis, said nation must not be in any conflict or be in another alliance at the time of their request. Should the Government feel the need for stricter admission requirements they may at any time implement them.

The Rights of Member Nations

Every member of Magister Mortalis has a right to complete freedom. They may rule their nation as they see fit, they will have the ability to speak freely (besides under special circumstances) and provided it does no harm to any other Magister Mortalis member nation.

Raiding Policy
Members of Magister Mortalis are not allowed to raid any nation residing in an alliance with 10 members or more. Nor can they raid members of an alliance with an active Protectorate or Defense treaty. MM members shall not raid any nation who has been active within the last 24 hours or who's residing on the Purple Color sphere. In addition, all raiders must acknowledge that they are responsible for their own actions and that the alliance is not obligated to assist them should their raid prove disastrous.


The Imperator
The Imperator is the supreme leader of Magister Mortalis. He/she has the final say on any matters dealing with Magister Mortalis. The Imperator is in charge of seeing that all matters are solved in a timely manner and that the Council members are doing their duties. The Imperator may veto any proposal sent to him/her, however the veto may be overridden with a majority vote by the Council. The Imperator may be removed from office with a majority vote by the Council.

The Council

The Council members are experts in their fields and advise the Imperator whilst handling the daily operations of the alliance.

Council positions and their descriptions/jobs.

The Exarch of War

The Exarch of War is responsible for the Magister Mortalis military and anything dealing with alliance security. Their duties are to maintain the military forces and to direct the military forces during times of war (including fending off raiders).

The Exarch of Coin

The Exarch of Coin is in charge of the alliance bank. Their duties are to ensure that the alliance has a stable bank in case of war and to oversee the giving of aid to member nations. He/she is also in charge of setting the taxes.

The Exarch of Communications
The Exarch of Communications is responsible for foreign affairs, ensuring that foreign relations are strong and ongoing. The EoC is responsible for maintaining all foreign embassies.

The Exarch of Intramural

The Exarch of Intramural is in charge of all things concerning the Magister Mortalis member nations. He/she is also in charge of maintaining the alliance forum and making sure all member nations are well educated on p&w.

Exarch of Recruitment
The Exarch of Recruitment is in charge of recruiting new members to Magister Mortalis.


Council members will be elected every three months. The Imperator is in charge of organizing a vote for the positions. In the event the Imperator is unable to organize the vote, the Exarch of Intramural will organize it.
Every 6 months, 1 week prior to the Council election, a referendum is held on the performance of the Imperator. If the majority votes with approval of the Imperator's performance, he or she may continue on another 6 month term. Should the majority of the membership vote against the Imperator then his/her position may be challenged in the following election.
A consecutive term limit of 4 terms is set for council members and the Imperator. This is so the government can have fresh blood after a while and the newer nations can have a chance to become a government position holder. If nobody is running for a certain position in government, then the current Exarch will remain if they wish, even if they have hit the consecutive term limit.

Election Procedure

In order to run for a council position, a member has to be nominated by a fellow member.
The two members with the most nominations will then continue the election poll. If there are only a very few nominations that differs the #2 and #3 nominee, The Imperator can give dispensation for the 3 members with the most nominations to be carried over to the election poll. The Nomination Period will last for 48 hours, and the following election shall last another 24 hours. The new council members will be sworn in immediately after the voting period is over.
Should the alliance be in a state of war at the time when elections should take place, the Imperator will have option of postponing the elections.

Removing a Government Official

Should a council member not be performing his/her job to satisfaction, the said member can be voted out of power with a 2/3 majority vote. The council member in question will have no vote however will be able to defend themselves. Should a council member be removed, an emergency election will take place to decide the successor.


The Black Documents may be modified with a majority vote by the council and the Imperator. Should a council member fail to present their vote, they will be counted as abstaining from said vote.


We members find this charter accurate to the will of the member nations and recognize this charter as the supreme law of the alliance. We gathered here today hereby ratify this glorious document.

Signed by,

Thorin – Imperator, Exarch of Coin
Raycannon – Exarch of Communications
Maxmartin – Exarch of War
Waller – Exarch of Intramural
Sue – Exarch of Recruitment

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